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AI Academy helps startups leverage the latest AI technologies with the objective of accelerating their business growth, and facilitating the construction of human centered AI solutions.

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About the program

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About the program

AI Academy offers a proven curriculum on advanced sales methodologies and go-to-market strategy optimization, providing participating startups with a structured path to refine their trajectory, gain market share, and achieve sustainable scalability.

Startups will also be trained to develop effective and responsible AI, gaining the tools to create human-centered AI solutions that are productive, enjoyable, and fair.

Key benefits

  • Equity-free

    Equity-free support.

  • Expert AI and technical support

    Get connected to AI experts from Google and industry leaders who can get you up to speed on everything AI.

  • Responsible AI training

    The People + AI research team at Google will bring the latest in human centered design and responsible AI development.

  • Go global

    Get key insights and best practices to expand your business to new markets.

  • Google product support and advice

    Learn product tips and tricks directly from the Googlers who built them.

  • Global connections

    Become a part of Google for Startups’ global alumni network with founders from over 135 countries.

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