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Estonian startup Synctuition brings calm to chaotic times with a 3D sound meditation app

Tina Bychkova, Head of Digital Marketing, is speaking at a conference with colleagues.

Joosep Tinn believes that the secret to sound mental health may be sound itself. As a music promoter living in Estonia, he witnessed firsthand the joy and relaxation that soundscapes can bring to people suffering from anxiety and stress. So he combined his love for music with a scientific approach to psychology and meditation to found his startup, Synctuition. With more than 13,000 3D sounds recorded in over 2,000 locations around the world, the Synctuition app is backed by 106 scientific studies and offers guided, purpose-built meditation and relaxation exercises designed to take the edge off a chaotic world. “The feedback we receive is the most rewarding part,” Joosep said. “People tell us all the time how Synctuition is giving them hope and making a real difference in their lives.”

As Synctuition looked to grow, Joosep needed help unlocking the latest user acquisition strategies and optimizing their backend for growth. So Joosep’s Google account manager recommended he join the Google for Startups Accelerator: Poland, based out of Campus Warsaw. There, he received mentorship and guidance from Google product experts and connected with fellow founders working to achieve their shared goals. “The Google for Startups Accelerator gave us the confidence and knowledge to adapt, pivot, and achieve growth in 2020 that we would have never dared aim for during a pandemic,” he shares. Members of Google’s team met with Synctuition’s leaders for frequent 1:1 virtual mentorship sessions, and Joosep found a local community of founders who continue to share ideas today.

The Synctuition team estimates that about 90% of how they run the business day-to-day is built on Google products. The startup’s analytics team combines Firebase with Google Ads to interpret demographic and behavioral data from the app and better engage their audience. “We can easily compare different segments, for example, age groups, countries, platforms (iOS vs Android), and see where we should focus our targeting and what audiences are most likely to convert from a free trial to a paid user,” says Tina Bychkova, Synctuition’s Head of Digital Marketing. They also use Google Cloud’s BigQuery and Data Studio to identify localized trends in usage, which can vary wildly from country to country. According to Tina, “BigQuery forms our single source of truth.” Using the two products in combination allows them to cross reference large amounts of information from different sources like Google Play Store and other microservice databases.

“The challenges of 2020 are numerous,” Joosep said, “but Google helps us find the untapped opportunities.”

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